About New Brighton Day Nursery

Originally built and established as a Sure Start Children's Centre and nursery in 2006. We have retained the same management and many of the original team. New Brighton Day Nursery CIC were successful in being commissioned by Wirral Council to run the service independently from September 2014.

The bid was fully supported and driven by the staff and parents to ensure the quality provision was maintained without closure, job losses or significant service restrictions.

What Makes Us Different?

Vision and Philosophy

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means we are an official 'not for profit' social enterprise. We are not driven by a need or motivation to maximise profit, we genuinely care about what we do.

This allows us to re-invest surplus into nursery resources, staff training, new services and keeping fees reasonable. So you will continue to see improvements as we re-invest and develop wider activities and skills.

We strongly believe the early years to be a precious time, allowing children to be children, in developing, exploring and learning in their own unique way, at their own pace, in a nurturing, loving and creative environment. Our goal is to enable our children to achieve, become confident in their abilities, to be happy and competent learners - with a willingness and curiosity to learn - ready for school.

Purpose Built Nursery

Our nursery is NOT converted from another previous use. It has been specifically designed for early years care with features such as:

  • Bright and Airy Rooms, with big windows allowing in natural light.
  • Under-floor heating so no pipes, radiators or heaters
  • Child level toilets, sinks and furniture
  • Recent full redecoration
  • Direct access to outside areas, open plan rooms and direct access to adjoining sleep rooms, changing rooms - even a waving window!
  • Fantastic out-door space with access from the main rooms and different areas to explore or play in.

This includes:
- Large diverse areas for secured outside activity, accessible to all age ranges at any time during the day, come rain or shine!! We have all weather grass area also.
- Offers a range of different play and exploration including;

  • A grassed hill area and climbing facilities
  • A large wide circular pathway for bikes, pull along trucks, scooters, tricycles and running!!
  • A mud kitchen and garden, for digging, imaginative play and finding worms!!
  • A growing area for sowing seeds, planting and enjoying watching crops grow at different times of the year.
  • A gazebo that offers a quiet space and a place to play under shelter
  • Our natural area, where children enjoy hiding in the willow structure, or amongst the plants, trees and shrubbery or in the playhouse.
  • Even when it rains we can go out in wet suits and wellies or play under the large adjoining undercover area, where children can climb the wall...literally!!!
  • Enjoy creative, construction and mark-making play.

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We are very proud of highly qualified, experienced and professional team of practitioners, EYP's and room leaders. Many of our team have stayed with us since the centre was first opened in 2006, although we have added some new additions, with extensive experience.

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New Technology

We have now partnered and commissioned one of the leading software support groups for nursery and early years care. Working closely with iconnect we now have tablets in each room that allows key workers to record observations and speed up the recording of daily events such as nappy changes, meals, sleep times, activities or accidents.

This means we can track or review your child's progress on all or any of the key Early Years Foundation Stages as well as inform future schools about your child so they can personalise their planning more effectively. Most importantly it frees up more time for our team to spend with the children as well as inform planning and progress for each individual child.

For parents this also means you can any time log-in and access your child's 'learning journey' or 'day in the life report' - seeing pictures, videos, observations and even make comments yourself. Whether to check progress or simply reassure they are having a fun day, it's a great way for parents to stay connected with their child's nursery life and experiences.

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