Explorers Room

Explorers: 24-36 months View Gallery

Our room to explore, filled with inspiring activities and changing décor to encourage different themes. It is divided into two areas; for quiet times and for more active group times.

It offers adjoining sleep room and nappy changing/toilet/potty room/hand washing area and direct access to garden.
Continuous provision throughout the day includes;

  • Home play area- equipped with a range of resources to enable children to take on roles and imitate how they see their world.
  • Creative/markmaking- we go out of our way to choose unusual and interesting materials and resources that inspire and attract children to explore and experiment with colour, shape, space and texture as well as building an interest in music and movement.
  • Comfort areas- where children can snuggle up look at a book or play as they please with the range of toys including, construction, small world toys, puzzles e.t.c