Our Rooms

We have themed our rooms to represent not only the stages of the children in that room but also the philosophy of care behind each room.

Little Stars

A reflection of the precious stage, especially to parents, where the children need a lot of nurturing, support, patience and flexibility to help them develop and grow. Literally as they take their first steps in the world!!


At this stage we have the world of textures, colours, smells, sounds, shapes etc. to explore. Everything is new, everything interesting and exciting. We try to encourage this curiosity and allow the children to learn about themselves and the world around them, through fun, creativity and exploration. Literally a time when they are into everything!!


This room is our largest room and a time for more variations in areas of play. A time when they emerge with their own character and confidence, ready for school with wings now designed their way. Various physical, social and communication skills are also built upon now, as young children begin to demonstrate clear individual preferences, independence, new found confidence and personalities.

- All our leavers will get a keepsake of their personally designed set of butterfly wings and leave a mark in the nursery too!!