Your Child’s Journey

Little stars

‘Babies relish in the abundance of attention staff provide’ – Ofsted 2016

‘Babies and young children respond extremely well to the nurturing manner of the staff’ – Ofsted 2016

Where the journey begins!
During this initial introduction to the nursery, babies and very young children are encouraged, by nurturing key workers, to feel secure and happy in their environment in order to very naturally, explore the world around them. As babies and toddlers achieve this using their natural instincts, senses and whole body movements, staff enable the environment and provide resources to promote and extend upon these strong exploratory impulses.

Our carpeted area provides a soft environment for babies to crawl, roll, shuffle and wriggle whilst the messy play area has non-slip flooring; keeping children safe throughout their different types of play. The resources and daily activities are variable and range depending on the children’s stages of development and include treasure baskets, soft play, tunnels, blocks, they include different textures, colours and shape, include light, cause and effect, natural objects, books and familiar objects from home.

As the children grow and develop play experiences evolve to meet their natural curiosity, growing energy and development. Staff will embrace this and utilise this stage to enable further learning…


‘Staff are very well qualified and the quality of teaching throughout the nursery is inspiring.’ – Ofsted 2016

‘Staff interact with children extremely well to skilfully promote their learning and development. They have a comprehensive knowledge of each child and successfully use children's interests to provide fascinating learning opportunities.’ – Ofsted 2016

Building upon the foundations!
More physical now and keen to explore and engage within their surroundings, opportunities for construction, imaginative play, learning about the natural world, friendships, colour, light, shape and texture are plentiful . With this extent and diversity of resources we provide our explorers with more space, time and freedom to do this. Our staff fully understand this natural drive to explore at this stage of development, embracing and supporting this phase of their learning journey.


‘Teaching is consistently innovative and inspiring. Staff plan activities that are targeted extremely well at supporting children to build on their individual skills and capabilities and to develop confidence in themselves as active learners. Children make excellent progress, based on their starting points and individual capabilities.‘ – Ofsted 2016

Competent, willing and ready learners!
Children are invited into an environment that allows learning to flow, with a focus on what children enjoy doing, their natural world, current interests, investigations, working out and talking about. It focusses on how they interact with others, acceptable ways of behaving and being an important part of a group. Our highly qualified team see the potential in each child and will continuously observe, assess and plan for them, supporting and enabling progress and achievement, giving them firm foundations for future learning.

Our Butterflies teachers work towards ensuring a high level of school readiness in all the children. We have a school transition programme that includes various activities, role play working with new schools/ teachers and parents. The statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (EYFS 2017), describes school readiness as ‘giving children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life’.
2 Sep 2019